Sidhu Moosewala New Controversy With News Journalist

By | June 20, 2020
sidhu moosewala new controversy

Hello Guys, today we are going to talk about the Sidhu Moosewala new controversy which happened to the journalists yesterday. First let me tell you who Sidhu Moosewala is. Sidhu Moosewala is a Punjabi singer who sings and writes Punjabi songs.

This singer has made a name for himself in a very short time. Even its Englishmen are fans of Sidhu Moosewala. And many Bollywood actors are also fans like Ranveer Kapoor and many more actors.

If a person has such a big name in the world, then people keep making some or the other difference. Now let’s talk about the issue. And the news about Sidhu Moosewala is that there is a controversy with the journalists.

Sidhu Moosewala New Controversy With News Journalist

Sidhu Moosewala has a different hobby than other Punjabi singers like Tractor working in his fields, carrying a pistol all the time and living in his village. He lives a normal life.

So he got a new hobby of firing ak 47 guns. Similarly, Sidhu Moosewala took a government gun to fire an AK-47. Then ak 47 went to in a village to fire a gun. Sidhu Moosewala was accompanied by 5 police officers.

And Sidhu Moosewala started firing ak 47 gun under the watchful eye of the police. When Sidhu Moosewala was operating the AK-47 gun, five policemen were present and in their police uniforms. A friend of Sidhu made a video of him firing an AK 47 gun.

And that video went completely viral on social media. The video was in the phone of every man in Punjab. So some journalists made a lot of fake news on that video. Many journalists were saying that Sidhu should be prosecuted. Sidhu should be in jail. Due to such false news, a case was registered against Sidhu Moosewala.

The police along with Sidhu Musewala and five other police personnel were also sacked.

Despite all this, a case was registered against Sidhu due to journalists. Sidhu Mosewale had to face a lot of difficulties in doing so.

This month was Sidhu’s birthday on June 11 and on the same day Sidhu released one of his songs. The name of the song was bambiha bole. Sidhu sang Amrit Mann with the artist. Which was a super hit when all the songs of Punjab till now. The song “Bambiha Bole” was watched by 10 million people in one day.

And on the third day of this song, Sidhu was live on his Instagram. bambiha about spoken song. She thanked her fans for their love for the song. Sidhu also talked to his fans a lot more.

Sidhu also spoke highly of journalists on his Instagram. “There are a lot of news channels that make fake news about me,” Sidhu said. Due to which negativity spreads among the people about Sidhu.

“I have to take legal action against the journalists now,” Sidhu said. Channels that write fake news about me. also told her fans that whatever news is made about me, you have to go to her channel and make wrong comments. This also had an effect on the fans.

The next day, News18 Punjab channel made a video of the news on its channel and posted the news. And the news about Sidhu is threatening us live on his Instagram. I will blow up your channels and then Sidhu’s fans made very dirty comments under that video.

Due to which the journalists of that channel and the journalists of other channels have again registered a case against Sidhu moosewala at the police station.

According to various punjab sources this is all we know about the Sidhu Moosewala New Controversy.

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