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By | June 1, 2020
Pathani Suit Vs Kurta Pajama

Pathani Suit Vs Kurta Pajama

Sat Shri Akal to all of you friends just talked about Pathani suit and kurta pajama. For example, what would be the Pathani suit, what would be the Kurta Pajama? And how do you fit both of these suits? And how much will the cloth cost them? And when you Stitching them, you have to keep some special things in mind.

Information about the Kurta Pajama

First of all we will talk about Kurta Pajama. Kurta Pajama is the first choice of the people of Punjab.Kurta Pajama are worn more by the people of Punjab. It consists of a simple dress up to the knees. And there is only pajamas which is like a normal pair of pants.

One thing you have to pay special attention to in your Kurta Pajama is to keep the color of the pajamas the same, just like if you have to wear white pajamas then you will also wear white Kurta and not black pajama. If you wear different colored Kurta Pajama, it will not suit your look.

Clothing information

First of all, you will have to find a good cloth for Kurta pajama. I think you can get a cotton dress for Kurta pajama. The cost of this printing is also low. You can easily find this cloth in the market.

Coast Information

You can easily buy cotton cloth from any market. The cost of this fabric varies from Rs 50 per meter, Rs 70 per meter, or Rs 100 per meter. The cost depends on the size of the fabric. Now I will tell you how much cloth will fit on your body. Clothing suits your height and obesity. Suppose you are only 5 feet 7 inches tall. At such a height, 4 meters of cloth will be needed. And as soon as his cost becomes Rs. 100, Rs. 400.

The best way to Stitching Kurta pajama

Pathani Suit Vs Kurta Pajama

You has to keep this in mind while Stitching the Kurta Pajama. As for the length of the dress, below we will first talk about the dress then the pajama.

First of all, you have to choose the fabric like you have to stitch this yarn for summer or winter. After that, you have to find a good tailor.

1 step . In the Kurta, two options were given to the neck color. In it you can choose the color of your choice or color like shirt or half color. Which of these two colors can you apply to your dress? Both of these colors will suit your body.

2 steps. In this you have to keep this in mind. You only have to keep one pocket on your Kurta, even on the left side, there is a simple pocket like shirt. Like Pathani Sut, you should not keep two pockets of on your Kurta.

3 steps. The fitting of this Kurta skirt should be kept a little tight. Just like you have to keep fit from the chest and you have to keep it flat from the abdomen. Keep the sleeves of this dress full. And keep your body fit.

4 steps. The length of the skirt should be kept according to your height. No matter how tall you are, you just have to keep the length of the shirt a little above your knees. And one more thing to keep in mind, you should always keep the hem of your shirt square and not round like a pathani suit.

Now we will talk about pajama. How to stitch pajama. And you have to take care of a lot of things.

1 step. Even in pajama, you get 2 optic options either you can hook the pajama like paint or you can apply elastic. It’s up to you. What makes you feel more comfortable?

2 steps. Pocket, now we will talk about the pocket, on this pajama you have to stick the pocket like paint on both sides. The advantage of this is that you can spend time on such things as pars, mobile phones, and handkerchiefs. Which are the object of one’s lust?

3 steps. When it comes to fitting, keep your pajama to your feet. The fitting has to be done according to the size of your legs. Just keep your legs a little loose. And keep the pajama nero from the ankles. Length If you want to keep your pajama from the waist to the ankles so that your Punjabi shoes look nice. Here are some things to keep in mind when stitching your pajama.

You can go to this website and see the hd pic of kurta pajama and guess what the kurta pajama are – click here

Note – In this blog we have told you what a kurta pajama is and you will talk in the next blog what a pathani suit is. And we will talk in the deep above the Pathani suit.

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