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By | June 19, 2020
korala maan biography

Sat Sri Akal, So still talking about Korala Maan biography, who has earned a lot of name in a very short time. Just sing a few songs. korala maan is a singer who sings Punjabi song with his melodic voice. Korala Mann’s first song was released in July 2019 which was a huge hit on YouTube.

The name of the song was Dadke Nanke. The singer later sang 3 more songs. Which has been a hit in Punjab for a long time? Due to which the name of Korala Mann started appearing among the super hit artists of Punjab. Today in Punjab, children know Korala Mann.

In this post, we will learn about Korala Maan biography. How did he start his singing career and what is his village? And to know more, read this post till last, about korala mann.

Singing career Korala maan

Speaking of singing, Korala Mann had a great passion for singing and writing since he was a child. According to one of his interviews, he started writing songs in the 8th class. He used to write ghazals in the past, meaning he used to write short stanzas of songs.

Then they would sing to their friends. But their father did not spot them, and kept telling them to read. Study will get you a good job. But Korala Mann had already made the first decision of her life. They used to say that when they grow up, they will become singers or work in their fields. Then he started writing 3 songs slowly.

And the first 4-5 songs he gave to other artists and they sang. Such as Nabav. Then they started singing their own songs. And Ona’s first song was Dadke Nanke. From which he started his singing career.

What is the village of Korala Mann?

Now we will talk about the village of Korala Mann. Korala Mann’s village is located in Mansa district of Punjab. The name of the village is Kourewala. Korala Mann was born in the village of Kourewala.

His father lives in Mansa city with his entire family as he is in the police force. Korala Mann also lives in Mansa with his family.

Korala Maan Biography, family, real name

Now let’s talk about the birth of Korala Mann. Korala Mann was born on December 14 in the village of Korewala. And his real name is Lovepreet Singh. This is why Korala Mann is known as.

The first was a Facebook page on which he would post his short song and post it on his Facebook. Korala Mann used to write his name at the bottom of the post. They took this Naam only. And now all over the Punjab are known by the name Korala Mann.

Now we will talk about their family. Only three members of his family are now parents. Her father works as an ASI in the Punjab Police.

Korala Mann Study

If Speaking of Korala Mann education, he has completed his education from Mansa College till the of +2. And further studies from Punjabi, University, Patiala.

Korala Mann Lifestyle

Korala Mann has so far earned over Rs 1.50 crore from songs alone. He has bought a 32 lakh Fortuner car in recent months. Speaking of Korala Mann’s marriage, his marriage has not taken place yet.

After 4 songs, 2 more songs of Korala Mann are coming, the title of which is bhahilog and Koli Khand di. The poster of these two songs has been taken off. Full song will be coming soon. I think both these songs will be super hits like the previous ones.

korala mann follower on instagram

Speaking of korala mann’s Instagram account, he has more than 286k followers in a very short time. You can also check out korala maan’s Instagram account. By clicking on this link.

More information about korala maan watch this video

Views of Korala Mann’s songs so far and their songs

Korala Mann has done 4 songs .
The first song Dadke Nanke – View 46 million +
the second song Filmy scene – Views – 83 million +
the third song Barood Dil – Views – 128 million +
the fourth song Dismiss 141-25 million +

This is all about Korala Maan Biography. You can also read about Sidhu Moosewala Biography from here.

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